About Us


Everyone is saying that healthcare is broken. We're here to fix it.

We believe healthcare should be unconditional. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you get up to in your own time. You deserve to be treated quickly and with compassion. That’s why we’re pioneering a new type of healthcare that’s easier and smarter, one in which vital medications and tests are accessible and affordable to everyone. No ifs, no buts.

Life can be complicated. Taking care of yourself shouldn't be.

Quinestrol is built to deliver on the three things everyone needs from their healthcare. Choice, so you can make positive decisions about your own body. Control, so you can plan ahead and look after yourself without complication. And freedom, so your access to medication is never blocked by cost, bureaucracy, geography, stigma, or anything else.

Who we are

Quinestrol, also known as ethinylestradiol, sold under the brand name Estrovis among others, is an estrogen medication which has been used in menopausal hormone therapy, hormonal birth control, and to treat breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Quinestrol has been marketed under brand names including Agalacto-Quilea, Basaquines, Eston,
Estrovis, Estrovister, Plestrovis, Qui-Lea, Soluna, and Yueketing, among others.
Quinestrol was marketed as Estrovis in the United States by Parke-Davis and as Qui-Lea in
Argentina, but is reportedly not currently marketed However, it does appear to still be available as an oral contraceptive in combination with progestins in Argentina and China. 

Together we’re working to make healthcare more accessible and simpler for everyone.

Our Vision

The company has always been anxious to set new targets on new molecule product development, new
technologies such as New drug delivery systems, higher productivity and advance quality audit, with
investment plans to cover every nook & corner of health care sector. Sole purpose is focus on Birth Control
Pills and associated ailments, upliftments. We aim to get a sizeable share at market place in next 2-3 years
before we are recognized internationally as Research oriented Pharmaceutical company” with international